how to motivate toddlers to behave well

10 Tips On How To Motivate Toddlers To Behave Well

Being independent and depending on oneself is a knack every individual should learn. And it’s soundest to start learning this when you’re a toddler. Teaching kids to be self-sufficient isn’t effortless, but there are some straightforward things you can do to help them learn and grow. In this article, we’ll talk about ten parenting tips for toddlers to behave well.

Spend some good time together

Spending time is one of the best parenting tips for toddlers. Kids want your attention! Make sure to set aside some time every day to play or hang out with your child alone. Just 5 minutes can help a lot! If they don’t get a fair lookout from you, they might start misbehaving to get seen. Throughout this time, put away phones and devices. Utilize this particular time for playing, reading, or working on something jointly.

Tell your child how you feel

Being open with your kid concerning how their moves make you feel helps them understand emotions better. When you utilize “I” statements, it lets them see things from your point of view. It’s fine to talk about emotions when both of you are relaxed.

Teaching your child about feelings, both theirs and others, is essential. It helps them address big sensations like frustration, which can lead to tantrums occasionally.

Remain positive

Remaining positive in every situation is one of the best parenting tips for toddlers. If your kid notices fear or doubt in you, they might start doubting themselves too. Being optimistic will make them feel more confident and change how they see things.

Make Communication a Priority

Kids need reasons, just like adults do. They won’t always do things just because you tell them to. If you don’t explain things, they’ll start questioning your values and why you want them to do something. Talking and reasoning with kids helps them understand and learn without feeling judged.

Focus on Routines

Children do well with routines, so create clear schedules for tough times of the day, like mornings, after school, meals, and bedtime.

Involve your kids in planning the routine. Ask them what should come first, like getting dressed or brushing their teeth. See how they can help with dinner preparation.

For younger kids, make a list of the routine with pictures or words. Let them decorate it and put it up where they can see it every day. Then, stick to the schedule.

Good Education

Getting a good education helps us gain knowledge, learn how to behave well, be disciplined, and develop good character. Education teaches us many important things, including how to interact with others and why good behavior and habits matter.

Try Distraction

Trying distraction is one of the best parenting tips for toddlers. Toddlers often get easily distracted. When your toddler throws a tantrum, you can use their short attention span to your advantage. Distract them with something fun or interesting, and it might help them forget about the tantrum.

Speak quietly

Sometimes, when you want to say something important or get something done with your child, it might seem like raising your voice or talking louder will help. But actually, speaking softly and calmly might grab their attention better. Give instructions in a relaxed tone. It can help kids focus on what you’re saying without getting distracted by how loud or intense your voice is.

Offer Feedback

Feedback is one of the best parenting tips for toddlers. Constantly make certain to witness and acknowledge what your kid does. If they’ve cleaned their space well, give them a pat on the back or say thank you. Utilizing positive remarks like “Great job!” or “Thank you!” or “You’re showing such commitment!” will make them feel good and proud of what they’ve achieved.

Praise Good Behaviour

Whenever your child shows good behavior, make sure to praise him or her. This enables her/him and encourages their confidence. Even if actions seem small or silly, it’s important to praise good behavior to keep doing it in the future.

So these are some of the best parenting tips for toddlers!

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